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How can hotels improve staff productivity?

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Hotels today are facing multiple challenges – competitive market, changing market scenarios, shrinking margins, higher customer expectations, need for adopting new technologies within limited budgets, among other things. Although hotels are constantly trying to dynamically adapt to these changes to keep themselves up-to-date whilst delivering the best experience to its guests, reluctance to adopting the latest technologies still prevails which in turn is not only hindering them from achieving greater successes in their businesses but also limiting the performance and productivity of their staff members. Read More…

Create The Perfect Welcome Book For Your Homestay or Bed and Breakfast

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Welcome book makes a big impact on the guests’ overall experience and satisfaction.Even if information is provided at various touch points along the guest’s booking journey, guests will still have many questions when they arrive at the property, such as: Where is the nearest grocery store? Which are the best places to eat? How to start appliances? Etc. Thus, it is essential to have a well-organized and well-compiled welcome book in place. It shows guests that you really care about them and that their comfort, safety, and convenience are your utmost priorities. Welcome book makes the navigation through your property hassle-free for the guests and also makes it less worrisome for the owners in terms of damages to the property, as the property and hotel amenities are used in the right way by the guests, making it a win-win for both guests and owners. Read More…

Content Ideas To Turn Lookers Into Bookers

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Why content is important?

Content is the most important and essential part of hotel marketing. It not only helps attract new prospects and customers, which in turn generates revenue for the company, but also helps create an online presence across search engines, worldwide web and powers your hotel’s website, social media posts, marketing campaign initiatives, and much more.

How to create relevant, informative, compelling content, and an effective content strategy?

Content created simply based on assumptions will never give you the desired results. It needs to follow a defined content strategy based on business and marketing objectives.

It is a structured process and involves consideration of various aspects and parameters. To create a successful content strategy and compelling content you need to know your guest, buyers’ persona, guest’s booking journey, and various touchpoints in the buying journey and customer life-cycle. Read More…  


Email Marketing

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Email marketing is an important tool for business. It remains an effective communication channel and a key dimension of marketing mix alongside other marketing channels like social media. Effective email marketing helps drive more traffic to the website, find new customers, engage and convert prospects into customers, sell products and services, increase revenue and further promote the brand. Read more

Choose the Right Channel Manager

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Channel Manager – Considered as the preferred solution for managing the ever-changing and complex hotel distribution landscape. There are hundreds of Channel Managers in the market today with varying price points and features. With so many options available, here are a few pointers to help narrow down the search and choose the best solution which meets the hotel’s business needs and requirements. Read more…

Generate more bookings with Facebook Dynamic Ads for Hotels

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Travel marketers are utilizing an array of ad products, marketing tools and optimizing techniques in every step of sales funnel to move the target audience to the path to purchase. There are a variety of ad types, formats, and targeting options available to help achieve the desired results. However, the highest performing option to maximize results is  Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT)Read more…

Tips to create an Effective Business Website

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Here are the tips to create an effective business website :


  • Design based on your target audience and their expectations
  • Create a unique design, avoid off-the-shelf templates/themes
  • Follow the latest trends but customize to your requirements Read more…

Ways to Boost Bookings During Low Season

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Every hotel experiences fluctuation in the market due to seasonal slumps and varying market conditions. The key to run a hotel profitably and maintain a steady flow of bookings during low season is to take a long-term approach, view it as an opportunity to explore new niche markets, use data to understand the patterns, strategize based on findings, rework product offerings and revamp marketing endeavors to make it appealing for your target audience and market to maximize conversions. Read more…

Guidebook for Guests


Create informative and user-friendly Guidebook for Guests to further enhance their travel and stay experience. We help create customized Guidebook for various types of accommodation.

Tent Card / Table Top Picture Frame


Make it easier for your guests to stay connected during their stay by placing a tent card or small tabletop picture frame with details of login ID and password in their rooms.

Logo: Create a Brand Identity for your business through an impactful logo.

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Menu Design: Provide a set menu with a range of options to make it easier for the guests to choose from and convenient for the kitchen of Bed and Breakfast to prepare.

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Ways to Boost Direct Bookings


Customer Engagement Framework for Hotels


Hotel Distribution and Best Practices

Hotel Distribution Tips