Content Ideas To Turn Lookers Into Bookers

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Why content is important?

Content is the most important and essential part of hotel marketing. It not only helps attract new prospects and customers, which in turn generates revenue for the company, but also helps create an online presence across search engines, worldwide web and powers your hotel’s website, social media posts, marketing campaign initiatives, and much more.

How to create relevant, informative, compelling content, and an effective content strategy?

Content created simply based on assumptions will never give you the desired results. It needs to follow a defined content strategy based on business and marketing objectives.

It is a structured process and involves consideration of various aspects and parameters. To create a successful content strategy and compelling content you need to know your guest, buyers’ persona, guest’s booking journey, and various touchpoints in the buying journey and customer life-cycle.

Compelling content always starts with the right topic which is relevant at each step of the process, otherwise it will fail to deliver desired results. However, compelling content by itself is not enough. Determining which marketing channels to use for what content is an important part of the process as well. Delivering relevant, engaging content through the right channel at the right time, is critical for meeting and exceeding expectations of the guest at each touchpoint and achieving your company’s marketing objectives.

Use relevant analytics and AI tools to track and measure the effectiveness of the various elements of the content and marketing campaign, and tweak if required to optimize the campaign to achieve desired results.

Here is a list of hotel content ideas to create compelling content and convert lookers into bookers of your property:

Content Ideas for Social Media Channels

  1. Events and festivals at the hotel
  2. Events and festivals at the destination
  3. What to expect at the property – unique selling points, amenities, features etc.
  4. Activities at the hotel and destination
  5. Area attraction posts
  6. Facts about the destination
  7. Historical and significant information about the hotel or destination
  8. Recipe and demonstration by Chefs, Mixologist or Bartender and special tips shared by them
  9. New menu items or specialty drinks introduction
  10. Seasonal posts – food & beverages and activities
  11. Round-up post about key events or recognition like ” this time last year”
  12. Hotel news, accolades, and positive media reviews
  13. Interview and interesting conversation with guests, hotel employees and other key stakeholders
  14. Facts about the destination
  15. Positive guest reviews
  16. Dissemination of user generated content and interesting content by all stakeholders
  17. Renovation and upgrade updates
  18. Sharing hotel’s blog posts
  19. Loyalty program information
  20. Various discounts and promotional offers or giveaways
  21. Latest trend posts and how the hotel is keeping up with the trend
  22. Video post
  23. Travel itineraries
  24. Photography guide and areas to capture best pictures
  25. Q & A/ FAQ/ Surveys/ Polls
  26. Before & after posts
  27. Fun and humorous posts
  28. Travel tips & tricks by the hotel and guests
  29. Special day posts – Mother’s day, father’s day, donut day, coffee day etc.
  30. Thank you posts