Chinatown, San Francisco


Situated in downtown San Francisco, flanked by Powell, Kearny, California, and Broadway streets, this Chinatown is the oldest in the US and one of the largest Chinese ethnic neighborhoods outside of Asia and it would not be wrong calling it a city within a city.

This place is one of the most popular attractions for tourists, both international and domestic, and is equally liked and frequented by locals as well. It is also a favorite locale for Chinese residents of the city who flock to this neighborhood to stock up on Asian groceries, vegetables, herbs and other essential items of daily life.


The bustling Asian neighborhood is a hot spot for delectable Chinese fare and is densely packed with many restaurants and cafes serving an array of authentic Chinese delicacies – dim sums, dumplings, congee, boba teas, rice plates, baked goods including egg custard tarts, taro cakes, desserts, and other delights.

Garlands of Chinese lanterns, colorful street murals on the walls and beautiful traditional decorations can be seen all around. One can easily spend an entire day exploring its rich history and cultural heritage.

Visitors can visit the famous fortune cookie factory, Chinese temples, historic buildings, and landmarks and get to know more about the Chinese traditions and bygone era represented through these iconic spots; meander through the intriguing streets and narrow alleys – each with its own story to tell going back several decades in time; browse the antique shops selling artifacts and artwork, visit herbal shops where traditional Chinese herbs with medicinal properties can be purchased; and enjoy the countless number of events and festivals that are held year-round including popular Chinese Lunar New Year parade, Moon festival, Community street fairs and many more.

For those interested in Asian culture, history, and  Chinese food, this neighborhood is definitely worth a visit.

Stroll and explore the area at your own pace or just avoid the hassle of planning and simply take a guided tour. Check out the link for recommended tours: Chinatown San Francisco Tours

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