The Old Fort, Niagara

Located near Youngstown, New York on the American side of Niagara Falls, the old Fort Niagara is surrounded by one of the most picturesque scenery, and overlooks the sparkling Lake Ontario and Niagara River, with rolling and expansive fields.

If you are a history buff and enjoy visiting historical sites and museums or simply want to see one of the many delightful attractions the County of Niagara has to offer, then make sure you take some time out to visit Old Fort Niagara where you can get yourself acquainted with some intriguing chapters of US history while enjoying the great outdoors.

The history of this place spans over 300 years, and this site has witnessed several wars in the past, including the American Revolution, the French and Indian Wars and other significant historic events.The Old Fort and its other buildings on-site are furnished with authentic relics from the olden times; history comes to life as you explore, and one can almost hear the echoes of the past as you wander through it.

The fort features various exciting special events and programs all year-round. It offers visitors opportunities to experience the past through these living history programs and historic buildings. Events and programs include artillery firings, blacksmithing , camps, demonstrations which give a glimpse of the bygone era, the lives of soldiers and people residing in the Old Fort and its years of history.

 Those looking for in-depth information, would love to stop by the visitor center, which showcases an award-winning orientation film about war, warriors, Native Americans, French, British and American soldiers, and their struggles to protect the native land. You can also learn more through various informational exhibits comprising original artifacts, artilleries and weapons of war.

Visitors can explore the area at their own pace. Brochures and maps are readily available at the Visitor Center, which also has an in-house gift store where classic souvenirs and other historically-inspired merchandise can be purchased.

Just 20 minutes from Niagara Falls, you may either drive to the location or use the free Disover Niagara Shuttle which is operational only during the summer season.

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