Visit to Boudin Bakery, San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best food cities in the country, offering a wide range of eating options – world-class restaurants, cafes, bistros, bakeries and even food trucks. Renowned for its multi-cuisine and multi-cultural food scene, the city offers a spectacular culinary experience. A visit to San Francisco, however, would be incomplete without savoring its Sourdough bread bowl filled with delicious Clam Chowder – San Francisco’s quintessential culinary delight.

Boudin Bakery, located in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf, is one of the best spots to taste the authentic flavor of this irresistible delight. It is one of the oldest continuously running businesses in San Francisco and has been baking tangy sourdough French-style bread since the Gold Rush days and using the same recipe and original yeast mother dough since 1849.

This flagship store of Boudin Bakery is modern and well laid out, where visitors can watch the bakers at work and witness the entire process from start to end through a 30-foot all glass demonstration window. They can also take a tour of the on-site museum and learn about the history of Boudin through various exhibits that depict its journey, which is closely linked with the growth and development of San Francisco; purchase gourmet gifts available in the in-house marketplace.

Boudin Bakery, SFO
Boudin Bakery SFO

And, of course! Choose from the extensive menu at the Boudin Bakery & Cafe to enjoy San Francisco’s classic local flavors and amazing seafood, or relax with a cocktail and a gourmet meal at the full-service restaurant – Bistro Boudin.

Boudin Bakery, SFO........
Boudin Bakery, SFO
Boudin Bakery, SFO.............
Boudin Bakery, SFO

The place makes for a complete shopping, dining, and edutainment experience and is one of the must-dos when in San Francisco.

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