A peek into Schaumburg’s German-American history…


Take a trip back in time to get a glimpse of olden German-American life and experience the slower pace of life strongly tied to the land and reconnect with the life which was simple and true in a charming setting comprising a historic 1800’s German villa, barns, windmills, grassy fields and farmland.

The Volkening Heritage Farm is an enduring effort by the local community to keep its German-American past alive.

Walk through a log bridge amidst the sparsely wooded area to reach the farm.Visit the heritage house where residents dressed in traditional German attire take you on a guided tour of a typical German home of the times, and soak in the history of how early German settlers lived and began their journey of settling down in the region.

Hop-jump onto The Percheron – a draft horse wagon carriage, take a ride around the farm and its rolling pastures. Take a peek into the brightly colored barns and meet its friendly inhabitants, stroll around the rural landscape and winding trails of the cattle ranch, old windmills, and warehouses displaying old farming equipment. Step inside the little museum to see traditional domestic daily usage items, handicrafts and an assortment of unique treasures of the times.

The experience left a lasting impression on me and was a great way to explore and get familiarized with the region’s history, past life, and traditions.

Address :Volkening Heritage Farm, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007