West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz

Bright sunshine making the endless sea shimmer; rhythmic ebb and flow of the pacific tides setting the tone of the sea; surfers surfing enthusiastically sharing deep connection with the ocean; sea gulls, pelicans and cormorants resting on the sea battered natural bridge-like rock formation making for a delightful view; towering historic lighthouse overlooking the sea adding to the spectacular coastal settings.This is simply the place I want to stay forever, bask in fresh ocean breeze and spend my sun-soaked afternoons.

The winding scenic West Cliff Drive stretches for a distance of around 2 miles along the ocean connecting Santa Cruz Broadway and Natural Bridges. You can take a leisurely drive or even walk along the drive where you are greeted with wonderful views at every turn – gorgeous ocean, Monterey coast, cliffs and old charming Victorian houses.You can stroll around admiring the panoramic view and enjoying the Aloha song sung by the local singers at the vista point near the historic surfing museum at the Lighthouse Point.

Though my scenic drive ended at Natural Bridges State Beach, however, the love affair with this place would last forever.