The Ferry Building Marketplace, San Francisco

Set inside San Francisco’s iconic Ferry building, this specialty marketplace is frequented and loved by locals, ferry commuters, savvy chefs, and tourists alike. The marketplace features an incredible variety of boutique shops, eclectic food outlets and handmade craft products, and showcases the local flavor of the Bay Area’s products, and is also a perfect spot for avid food lovers.

Artisan cheeses, freshly-baked breads, exotic mushrooms, the finest selection of oysters, locally produced olive oils, specialty meats, gourmet chocolates, organic honey, restaurants with global cuisines, and local delicacies – it’s all here, and you will find something new and delicious, every time you visit.

The place outside the Ferry Building transforms into a farmers market every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday offering an extraordinary variety of fruits & vegetables, an array of artisan food and beautiful flowers & plants. It is one of the favorite spots of locals to stock up on fresh locally grown organic farm produce.

This is definitely one of the best places in the city to enjoy a leisurely afternoon or evening by the bay with great ambiance and delectable food.

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