Japanese Garden, San Francisco

Strolling in this garden evokes a Zen state of mind. The classic elements of Japanese gardens – stones, colors, plants, and water – placed all around create a feeling of tranquility, harmony, and peace. Cascading waterfalls, serene Koi pond, arched drum bridge, stone lanterns, beautiful pagodas, statues and swirling patterned rock pathway all in perfect harmony make a beautiful landscape and gives a glimpse of Japanese art and takes you on a spiritual journey of spiritual awakening.

A winding pathway takes you to a traditional Japanese store perched on a stone landing, displaying authentic wares including tea and sake sets, glazed ceramic bowls, kokeshi and daruma dolls, a variety of green tea and items to choose from. It’s also a perfect spot to find the best Japanese-style souvenirs and items to help you remember your visit.

The Tea House nestled in the center of the garden offers traditional Japanese delicacies and hot and cold beverages. A perfect place to enjoy a cup of Matcha – tea and admire the picturesque landscape.

Japanese Tea Garden, a 5-acre oasis – is the oldest public Japanese gardens in the United States located within the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California.

I visited this oasis in the fall season and really enjoyed my time there and promised to myself to come back to this beautiful paradise when in San Francisco again.

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